Updating the PHP version of your WordPress site is crucial for both security and performance enhancements. PHP is the scripting language that powers WordPress, and running an outdated version may expose your site to potential vulnerabilities. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of updating the PHP version in WordPress using cPanel.

Step 1: Log in to cPanel:

Access your web hosting account and log in to the cPanel dashboard. This is typically done by visiting your hosting provider’s website and entering your login credentials.

Step 2: Locate the PHP Version Manager:

Once inside cPanel, find the “PHP Version Manager” or a similar option. The exact location may vary depending on your hosting provider, but it’s commonly found under the ‘Software’ or ‘Programming’ section.

Step 3: Choose the Domain:

If you manage multiple domains, select the domain for which you want to update the PHP version. The PHP Version Manager allows you to set different PHP versions for each domain hosted on your account.

Step 4: Select the Desired PHP Version:

In the PHP Version Manager, you’ll see a list of available PHP versions. Choose the latest stable version compatible with your WordPress site. It’s recommended to use the latest version for optimal performance and security.

Step 5: Save Changes:

After selecting the desired PHP version, save the changes. cPanel will apply the new PHP version to the chosen domain. Be aware that changing the PHP version may affect the functionality of your site, so it’s advisable to check for compatibility beforehand.

Step 6: Verify Compatibility:

Before finalizing the update, ensure that your WordPress themes, plugins, and other site components are compatible with the chosen PHP version. Visit your WordPress dashboard and use tools like the PHP Compatibility Checker plugin to identify any potential issues.

Step 7: Backup Your Website:

It’s a best practice to create a backup of your WordPress site before making significant changes. Use cPanel’s backup tools or a WordPress backup plugin to safeguard your site data.


Updating the PHP version in WordPress via cPanel is a straightforward process that enhances your site’s security and performance. Regularly check for updates and ensure your themes and plugins are compatible with the chosen PHP version to maintain a smooth and secure WordPress experience.